What Should You Expect to Receive From Your First Talent Agency?

What Should You Expect to Receive From Your First Talent Agency?

Many actors don’t have any idea what happens after signing to a talent agency. It might also be unclear to them precisely what to expect from their agents. This article offers information about what you should expect to receive from a talent agency to kickstart your acting career.

What an Agent Does For You

The first step before getting signed with your first talent agency is the initial meeting. It is an opportunity for you to figure out and understand what to expect from your agent. The talent agent themselves also want to ensure that you are worth their time. At the same time, you want to determine if this agency is the best fit for your career.

Regardless of how you reached this point, this is a job interview. Therefore, they may expect you to perform a bit by reading a couple of scripts. Let’s say they liked you and finally brought you onboard. This stage is where the real work begins. Keep in mind that working with an agent is a collaborative process that influences the entirety of your acting career. You won’t get anywhere without your talent, but talent agencies will lead you there. They perform the behind the scenes work to propel you towards stardom as you refine your skills.

For the first few days, you should prepare for acting classes. Second, you also work on updating your portfolio, including your headshots, resume, social media presence, and personal website. Third, you need to embark on increasing your network by meeting other actors and critical people in the industry.

Talent agents only get paid through your gigs. So, it’s in their best interest to do everything in their power to get you booked. Therefore, they will likely critique your headshot or acting resume to improve your portfolio. They can also enroll you in acting classes or urge you to pursue film or stage work. Keep in mind that they only want the best for you, but you still make the final call.

The industry is highly competitive, and it is your agent’s job to keep you in the loop. They will always provide insight into auditions and roles that are suitable for you. It’s your responsibility to absorb all this valuable information and follow through. Keep in mind that the foundation of your relationship with your agent is mutual respect. When they see your perseverance, they will fight to give you the best monetary, dressing room, and credits offer they can acquire.

Trust and loyalty are essential to maintain a long-term relationship with a talent agency. When you maintain this relationship, it can foster a lot of success in your acting career.

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