With offices in Los Angeles, Phoenix and New York City, LA Talent Agency has developed a reputation for casting the finest selection of actors and models for roles in film, TV, theater, commercial, voice over, social media and print.

We believe in traditional values, like hard work and dedication. We believe in taking chances and investing in quality talent. We believe in the modern approach, employing creativity, diversity, development, technology and trendalytics to raise the stage. We believe in elevation and being the best at what we do.

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Why LA Talent Agency?

Actors depend on our ability to open doors and create new opportunities. Clients rely on our insight to recommend and secure the best suited talent for their film, television and print roles. We are dedicated and passionate about our profession and driven to exceed the expectations of our actors and clients.

LA Talent Agency is always excited to find new talent! If you are interested in LTA representation, please fill out our submission form online.